Flavor of the Week Contest

What is a Flavor of the Week you ask? Well, any “pinteresty” type hairstyle can be considered a FOW in our book (& yes, maaaaybe we made that word up). So anything from a messy sockbun to a Blake Lively fishtail braid and all the fun ‘do’s in between! 

How to Win

 Every week, we will choose a different flavor; may it be a waterfall braid, a cool spring ponytail, etc. All you have to do to enter is upload an original/cool/different (you catch my drift) picture of the chosen hairstyle to your Twitter with the hashtag #flavorfriday & tag us @tamestylebar, of course!

 On Friday of the following week, we will choose a winner by selecting the hairdo we find the most original and intriguing so get creative!

What Ya Get

 The winning lucky lady can come on in (within a month of their weekly contest) & have her Flavor of the Week come to life… for free!

So get to tweetin’ girls! We can’t wait to see what flavors y’all have in store for us. See you soon!